About NewStrad

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NewStrad stands for a range of progressive solo instruments that are unique in variety and performance. NewStrad combines controlled qualiy and reliability with individual richness of sound and mastery in arts and crafts. Being the central feature of the NewStrad family, richness of sound is demonstrated by

  • a great powerful tone,
  • sensible, colourful, individual tone development with a wide variety of nuances,
  • effortless attack and blossoming of the tone, making playing enjoyable in every situation, also in a difficult one.

NewStrad provides the musician with the necessary means for realizing his own, very personal world of tonal expression within the tonal world of our time. Because music is much more precise than speech when it comes to expressing inner experiences and feelings. This is why richness of sound, a key feature of NewStrad, is a basic prerequisite of expressing a rich world of emotions. This may even go so far as to trigger magic moments by the development of the sound alone. Without denying the genius of Stradivari, NewStrad is ready to meet the challenge of our age and of future times, thus forming a symbiosis between Stradivaris's heritage and the musical world of the future.

NewStrad has its source in the philosophy of the modern human being who is dedicated to tonal culture and beauty, because sound is part of the esthetics of our life.


March 19, 2011

Elin Kolev plays on his NewStrad Violin at his first own concert in the concerthall "Neue Welt" Zwickau, Germany.

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