Sound optimisation

Matthias Lehmann

Matthias Lehmann explaining the method of vibration relaxation. Source:Deutsche Welle TV, Projekt Zukunft (Project Future) - Hightechgeige, 22.12.2008

Matthias Lehmann's professional activity is focussed on the fine tuning of sound using the optimized method of vibration damping reduction by Reumont. 

Matthias Lehmann studied with Prof. Schwab at the Musical Academie "Hans Eisler" in Berlin, Germany. Now being a cello player with the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Oder, he is a supporting partner of the NewStrad familily dealing with the optimization of the functionality of string instruments.

"Using the Vibrelax method, we improve the stability, attack and variety of sound of the violins of the NewStrad familiy. Using our method, we can reduce the breaking-in period of the instruments to one week."

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