There is nothing more personal than one's individual sound. By his production of tone and timbre, a musician not only reveals his sense of interpretation, personal taste and musicality, he also allows others an insight into his soul. He resorts to his violin in place of his voice to share these moments of intimity with his listeners and express his individuality.

Every violinist is unique and unmistakable in the sound he produces. However, who doesn't know the disappointment when there is a wide gap between desire and reality? When one's own idea of tone colour, timbre, shading cannot be met because they are thwarted by the limitations of one's own instrument? When the production of sound in an adverse environment is limited by missing power and volume? When one's own phantasy and personality is cut down by one's violin instead of being fostered?

Every player wishes to have an instrument that is able to stimulate his phantasy. An instrument that expresses his tonal personality in an ideal manner. An instrument that supports and challenges him. An instrument he can grow with. Day by day.

The perfect instrument

NewStrad offers a range of testing dates to help you find not only the best, but also your very individual and tailor-made "sound tool" in your capacity as a violinist, soloist, orchestra musician, amateur violinist, tutor, teacher or student, in short: as a player and as a musician. The violin makers of the NewStrad family look forward to helping you select your dream instrument.

Cooperating with present-day and future artists

Dedicated to tradition and equipped with a wealth of experience in the field of psychoacoustics, NewStrad not only supplies important information and criteria for professional musicians to select their instruments, but also supports future artists, so paving the way for the next generation of gifted violin virtuosos.