March 19, 2011

Elin Kolev plays on his NewStrad Violin at his first own concert in the concerthall "Neue Welt" Zwickau, Germany.

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NewStrad schedules and organizes various demonstrations, travelling exhibitions and tests of instruments or "Exhibitions for trying out" where you can get to know the master instruments of the NewStrad family and play them yourself.  

If you are interested in one of these demonstrations, simply register for your desired date in your region using our contact form. The locations where these tests take place are academies of music, representative concert halls or the workshops of the NewStrad violin makers.

Once you have found your desired instrument from these demonstrations, we look forward to personally presenting "your" instrument to you. You may lend out the instrument for a fortnight's period during which you can test the instrument individually, thus trying it out from every possible point of view and in every possible condition.

If so desired, we would be glad to organize for you an individual date where you can see the high quality of the master violins from the NewStrad family for yourself. We are ready to satisfy even extraordinary wishes and ideas.