First ever snapshot worldwide of a sound image using an acoustical camera. On the left: Soloist Riyo Uemora. Centre: Region
of maximum sound pressure enveloping the body of the violin. On the right: Forming a neck, the region of maximum sound pressure has left the body of the violin. Sources: Dr. Heinz/gfai; Synotec GmbH

The NewStrad team not only have 30 years of experience in the field of psychoacoustics at their disposal. Due to their extensive data ressources and a wide variety of representative surveys based on listening tests and sound analysis, they are able to contribute important facts and criteria when it comes to deciding on a certain instrument.

In joint actions with the most experienced violin makers of Europe, a great number of tests and analytical quality assessments were performed aimed at analyzing the parameters that determine a violin's individual sound. By combining our method of refinement, established in many years of reserach, with the talents of selected master workshops, instruments with an extremely rich variety of timbres, modulation capabilities and subtle nuances of expression can be created.


March 19, 2011

Elin Kolev plays on his NewStrad Violin at his first own concert in the concerthall "Neue Welt" Zwickau, Germany.

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You will find that the mastery in sound creation of contemporary violin makers, who use a wide variety of measurement methods and costly sound optmization methods to make your tailor-made dream instrument, is reflected by these instruments.

NewStrad stands by its partners as a supporter in questions of technology and development. Production as well as sales and marketing, however, are the responsibility of the established master workshops selected on the basis of severe quality criteria. Moreover, NewStrad is for its partners an ideal platform of communication and marketing of these master instruments.

If, in your position as a partner or sponsor, you wish to obtain an objective impression of your future master instrument with the help of various methods of comparison and measurement as well as by taking part in one of our Germany-wide events, please look at the News and dates site where you will find the requested information about the dates of when you can see and hear the instruments of the NewStrad family in live performances.

If you wish to ask further and more detailed questions about the NewStrad research and their wealth of experience, please do not hesitate to drop us a line under: Contact.