NewStrad Die Wiedergeburt des Klangreichtums



March 19, 2011

Elin Kolev plays on his NewStrad Violin at his first own concert in the concerthall "Neue Welt" Zwickau, Germany.

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NewStrad is the platform of a group of outstanding European violin makers who are dedicated to the Cremonese tradition of the grand and beautiful tone and who cultivate an open and creative exchange of views. They are open to up-to-date methods, procedures and findings in psychoacoustics and again attach great importance to the entirety of sound perception with the aim that the sound may touch the human being: his body, his psyche, his spirit.    

NewStrad means concentrated expert knowledge, psychoacoustical know-how, many years of scientific expertise, combined with the mastery in sound creation of the best violin makers of Europe.

At present the cooperation with violin makers' workshops and interested academies is focussed on the following three topics:

Listening to and experiencing the characteristics of a good soloist's violin in every aspect

We organize events, violin tests and travelling exhibitions of the NewStrad family and original old-Italian instruments. Did you know that man is able to distinguish not only between thousands of faces, but also - with proper sensibilization and positive attention -also between thousands of good violins, just by listening and feeling?!

Design parameters of a really good violin

Jointly with the leading European master workshops, we have started implementing the first representative knowledge database of violin making, thus enabling all parties interested in the NewStrad familily to individually access the collected know-how. In doing so we take great care to ensure that the specific know-how is acessible in its individuality without infringing the know-how of any individual master workshop.

Use of a world-wide unique method of sound optimization

Next to the outstanding variety of sounds of the NewStrad instruments, the following additional exclusive features are ensured: Robustness, resistance to climatic influences and absolute reliability. These features, combined with the violins' great sound and their excellent vibrational behaviour, make them the ideal sound tools also for unrestricted use in extreme climatic conditions or for open-air events.

If you are interested in cooperating with the NewStrad family and wish to be informed about one of the stages of know-how, just drop us a line!

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